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Haroon Accounting Services CPA is a premier accounting firm providing Accounting, Tax, and Advisory services for small and medium sized businesses. We do personal and corporate tax returns, financial statements, bookkeeping services, financial planning and consulting, Incorporation and business registration, CRA Audit Representation, HST Rebate applications, and other related services. As a chartered professional accountant in Mississauga, it is our responsibility to keep your company books updated. Thus, we can be hired as a professional accountant in Toronto. Our tax accountants in Mississauga have helped our clients by minimizing their tax burden. We are steadfast professional tax accountants in Toronto.

Tailored AdviceWe provide individualized advisory services to address each client’s specific needs and requirements. Whether looking to acquire a new business, or, finance a business expansion, we advise clients on a variety of financial matters. Our tax accountants in Mississauga will give you tailored solutions to your problems.
Innovative Tax SolutionsWe design and develop innovative solutions that involve in depth research of the each client’s unique business to maximize after tax dollars. Our chartered accountants in Mississauga minimize your tax burdens.
Streamlining & AutomationWe streamline and automate accounting processes through the use of cloud based accounting software solutions. Our team embraces technology in everything we do. Our tax accountants and chartered accounts in Mississauga are highly tech savvy!
Experience & ExpertiseOur staff are designated CPAs that bring a wealth of experience from both public practice and industry. Our experienced professional accountants ensure that there is minimal error in our accounting services.
Ethics and IntegrityEthics and Integrity are the core principles of our firm and is in everything we do. We act honestly and adhere to the highest standards of ethical values. Our professional accountants in Mississauga will streamline your business or personal financial accounts


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We implement affordable, cost & time saving technology

We do everything face to face, but bookkeeping and accounting can be automated, simplified and taken care of to help us focus on more important discussions with our clients.


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To us, our relationships are everything

Whether it's sound advice, the latest technology, or just timeliness in delivery - building a positive experience for every client is essential to who we are.

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COVID-19: End of CERB and Transition to New Recovery Benefits

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Accounting & BookkeepingBookkeeping - Monthly electronic bookkeeping and maintenance of accounting ledgers. We assist clients in tracking business transactions and segregating their business from personal expenditures.
Financial Statement Preparation – Compilation of formal record of financial activities of an entity. Financial Statements reflect the financial effects of business transactions and events on an entity. Financial statements are required by creditors and potential buyers of your business.
Personal & Corporate TaxationCorporate Tax:

We provide comprehensive corporate tax services including annual corporate return filing, and, effective tax planning to strategically minimize taxes, while still complying with all tax laws and regulations. Tax planning services include the determination of an optimal salary vs. dividends combination, income splitting strategies, corporate restructuring, and, the utilization of shareholder loans and tax losses.

Personal Tax:

Specialized personal tax services for all individuals including self-employed, high net worth, and non-resident individuals.

Payroll ServicesWe provide efficient end to end payroll services, including the issuance of pay stubs, calculation of CRA payroll remittances, and the filing of all necessary CRA slips (T4, T4A, T5).
CFO ServicesOur Outsourced CFO services assist businesses in the development and maintenance of performance measurement systems, business plans, and accounting systems. We also assist organizations in efficiently managing cash flow and financial resources.
Advisory ServicesBusiness Planning – Developing financial business plans and forecasts to assist clients in obtaining financing for a startup venture, business expansion, and/or capital acquisition.

Purchasing/Selling a Business – Our services include the performance of extensive due diligence designed to accurately measure the financial health and value of a potential business, to ensure that the selling price reflects true market value. We also advise clients on the most tax efficient structure to minimize your tax obligations.

Business RegistrationBusiness incorporation and registration services for Provincial and Federal businesses. Our services include business name and CRA account registrations, maintenance of minute books, and, the setup of a tax efficient corporate structure.
Audit & AssuranceAudit & Assurance services provide an objective examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization to ensure that the financial statements fairly present, in all material respects, the financial transactions of an entity.

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